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Professor Grisez cannot respond to every message he receives and cannot even read through all the lengthy messages. But he does look at every message and responds, at least briefly, to many of them.

Grisez does not stock and sell copies of his works. Libraries that provide interlibrary-loan service generally can help their patrons borrow any published, scholarly work. If someone needs a copy of one of Grisez's scholarly articles and cannot otherwise obtain it, he will try to supply a copy.

Grisez has learned a great deal from the questions and comments of his students and others who have read his works, including adversaries and critics. But he cannot revise the first three volumes of The Way of the Lord Jesus or other, already-published works; and anyone wishing to help him by raising questions and making comments on what he has written will do well to communicate with him briefly before spending much time on the project.